Assingment Details:
 1.Work in groups of three to make a mind map of why education is important and relevant to sports stars. 
Your group will use  this will be shared whole group when you are done.

 2. Chose a sports star and blog about why you chose that person.( The first person to blog that person name will be able to choose them. Everyone else will make another choice.)
3.You need to research and discover, why academics and learning are just as important to sports stars as practicing and playing the sport. 
 4.  Research their educational back ground.
 6.  How does education make a difference in their life?
 7.  What college did they attend?
 8.  What degree or degrees have they received?
 9.  What were their dreams, and aspirations? How did their education 
       play a roll?

Create a newscast using any of the programs that we have learned about: 
             Photo story 3                  
             Movie Maker
1. Make a newscast telling  what you learned about the person behind the star. At the end of the broadcast I want you to share your dreams and aspirations.  How will your education help you reach them?

2. Create a Comic Life comic of you in the future.

    1.Attending College    
    2.You in your Career

  Watch an example of how to use comic life: